How Brilliant is the Internal Revenue Service?

How brilliant is the IRS? Really? I am 100% serious.

These guys just rolled out something that the taxation industry has long been in need of and after going through it, I give it top marks for creativity, originality and for the final product.

You see, the IRS unveiled a website called “Understanding Taxes” and it contains some great educational content, including detailed lesson plans, interactive activities, simulations, and more!

The site is broken into resources for educators, and for students. So if you’re teaching tax, you can grab resources to assist, including lesson plans with links to the applicable national and state standards, which makes it really easy to integrate Understanding Taxes into an existing classroom curricula, or to teach to your tax staff. The intention is for this material to be presented to high school or community college classrooms with the assumption being that once you get into higher levels of education, those with an interest are taking courses in taxation, finance and accounting.

The Understanding Taxes Student Site provides high schools, community colleges, and the general public with a technology-based instructional tool aimed at raising the awareness of the IRS’ policies, practices and general taxation education. It’s a win-win and I cannot wait for the CRA to do the same.

In the meantime, happy reading.

The link to the site is below;