Double Nomination for inTAXicating in 2014: Canadian Weblog Awards.

I understand that inTAXicating has been nominated twice in the 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards in the Business and Career category and for the Lifetime achievement award which means the blog has been around since 2009.

What I like about the Canadian Weblog Awards is that they are a juried competition (I was a juror 2-years ago) because they celebrate quality over popularity. It’s not traffic numbers that matter, but also great writing and great design.

The awards really do show off the best and brightest bloggers in Canada and it’s amazing how big these awards get year after year.  I feel like the award should be called the Schmutzie in honour of the creator and operator of these awards (and a pretty awesome blogger), Elan Morgan aka Schmutzie.

Best of luck to all nominees!

Author: Warren Orlans

Welcome to inTAXicating. inTAXicating has been published since 2008 to provide clarity around Canadian taxation issues, primarily related to the Canada Revenue Agency. As the primary author, Warren Orlans, has over 20-year's experience in the taxation industry, 11 of them working for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and 7-years working in the private sector Managing the tax departments for large financial institutions. If you have a collections, compliance or audit issue with the CRA, inTAXicating is the place you need to contact. inTAXicating works in strategic partnership with amazing accountants, tax lawyers, insolvency practitioners, mortgage brokers, debt counselling experts and much more. If you have a tax question, email it to or to

One thought on “Double Nomination for inTAXicating in 2014: Canadian Weblog Awards.”

  1. ??? I have been under a 7 year assault by the CRA !!!
    I fully cooperated used a CGA ! never had a problem for years ! I was reassessed after I was in tax court and the ministers decisions vacated , under reassessment CRA disallowed deductions that where allowed years before and where fully documented and supported . like equipment repairs, tires, subcontractor deductions.

    The CRA froze my bank accounts during the appeals and objections ! then put a lean on my farm for $30,000
    then seized $200,000 of my equipment and sold it for under $30,000 wile it was protected by a FDMA Stay !

    Then lied about the dates the farm act was protecting my equipment but the farm act documents show they are falsifying there own statements ! and submitting them in court !

    I am about to lose my farm and everything due to clerical errors by CRA Auditors . they even classified my farm credit line as income and fined , penalised me huge this has destroyed my life !!!!!!!

    Seven years in HELL !!!! I am so stressed I have developed diabetes cant ever sleep or function and doctors think I am developing MS !!!

    My situation is very close to Irvin Leroux ! and James Piccott .
    I have all the supporting documentation to prove my case but cant seem to find Justice thru the Truth !!!!!
    I am on LinkedIn Guy Mitchell Preston .

    I am looking for guidance as I have gone to Federal court and tax court but cant get the truth brought to the table !!!!

    I have also filed a lawsuit in bc supreme court ! but I am losing faith so need help asap !!!!!!!!

    Sincerely Guy.


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