The Truth and Myths Around the CRA’s Taxpayer Relief Program

Reposting this because I just read some other articles on this topic which were full of lies, made-up details and were meant to scare people into using their service instead of learning about the CRA and the Taxpayer Relief Program.


Shame on them for misleading the public!


The Truth and Myths Around the CRA’s Taxpayer Relief Program.

Author: Warren Orlans

Welcome to inTAXicating. inTAXicating has been published since 2008 to provide clarity around Canadian taxation issues, primarily related to the Canada Revenue Agency. As the primary author, Warren Orlans, has over 20-year's experience in the taxation industry, 11 of them working for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and 7-years working in the private sector Managing the tax departments for large financial institutions. If you have a collections, compliance or audit issue with the CRA, inTAXicating is the place you need to contact. inTAXicating works in strategic partnership with amazing accountants, tax lawyers, insolvency practitioners, mortgage brokers, debt counselling experts and much more. If you have a tax question, email it to or to

2 thoughts on “The Truth and Myths Around the CRA’s Taxpayer Relief Program”

  1. The CRA Has no Accountability and Destroys Canadians Lives Every Day !
    They are more of a Every Day Threat to Canadians than any Terrorist Group !
    The Fact that when a Tax Notice is sent by the MNR it is Deemed Received even if it was Not is a Blatant Abuse of Due Process and the very Foundations of Truth and Justice that are Supposedly Protected by the Charter !
    The Deck is Stacked Against the Very Canadians who can Least afford it , by those who are Abusing Authority in a Calculated Criminal Way ! No Duty of Care !
    In The Name of Her Royal Majesty ! a Government Agent is Allowed to Violate The Charter of Rights Knowingly !
    This is a Violation of The Criminal Code of Canada and Technically Treason !!!!

    Wake UP Canada Read my Petition ! Sign it ! And Stop Tax Terrorism Protected By Violating The Charter Of Rights !

    Taxation without Representation is Tyranny !!!


    1. Guy,

      I can understand your frustration and suspicion about the CRA but I have to be honest, a lot of what you wrote here is factually incorrect.

      Beginning with your comment about the lack of accountability I can tell you and anyone else reading this response, that you’re making a statement on which you have no basis for supporting that viewpoint and it is absolutely not true. There is a significant accountability to a person at the CRA.

      You also need to understand that the role of the Canada Revenue Agency is to ensure compliance with the Canadian Tax Rules and Regulations and that it each and every Canadian filed their taxes on time, paid their taxes on time and did not try to hide information, or cheat the system, there would be no need for the collections side of the CRA.

      Going one step further, I don’t expect you to understand, however having spent almost 11-years working at the CRA and after reviewing over 40,000 accounts, I never met one person / entity that I personally had a distrust for, or tried to screw over. Additionally, any of the teams I managed, or staff I supported, to a person, we made sure that every person we dealt with was treated fairly and with respect.

      I’m not saying the CRA is perfect. There are some bad apples everywhere, just like there are bad apples who set up tax schemes and prey on the uneducated – taking their hard-earned money and then leaving them with a massive tax debt and no other options other than bankruptcy.

      But to brand the CRA as conducting their actions akin to “technically treason” is ludicrous.

      How you get from the everyday administering of taxation to “Tax Terrorism”, and then to say it “violates the Charter of Rights” makes little sense…

      I think the one point you tried to touch on – the fact that a Notice of Assessment is deemed to be received upon it’s mailing to a previously recognized address on file – actually makes sense, if you give it a little thought.

      A Notice of Assessment, or NOA, is issued after something is filed, or if there is an adjustment or amendment (whether filing or payment), and there Notices are issued by the CRA’s computers automatically.

      What prompts a NOA to be issued, you might be asking yourself?!?

      An action that you, or your representative has made.

      Whether you make a payment, or you apply for a credit, or your representative files something that is on time or late, the event that triggers a NOA is started by the taxpayer.

      Say, for example, that you decide you want to be a “natural being” which is a proven tax scam the government has no patience for, and you stop filing your returns, the CRA can and will arbitrarily assess your returns and try to take collection actions on that balance.

      But it was you, who got the ball rolling by not filing in the first place.

      Furthermore, you knew at the time of deciding not to file that there were consequences to those actions, and they are the same consequences that each and every Canadian is required to abide by.

      Same for paying taxes, and keeping GST/HST funds to run your business. You know it’s against the law, and you know there will be a time when it catches up to you, but the CRA is not ruining your life when they demand back those funds you stole from people paying the GST/HST. You are, when you decide to keep it in the first place.

      As I tell each and every client, or person who calls, emails, texts, me or hits me up on social media… You are responsible for your actions.

      I can help you fix or solve the problem, but ultimately it stops and starts with you.

      I’m happy to discuss further what it is that you are hoping to achieve and if you truly feel that the CRA over-steps their bounds, then let’s work together to find a practical way to ensure that the CRA does not HAVE to do this by letting each and every Canadian know their rights and responsibilities.




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