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My name is Warren Orlans and I am the creator of inTAXicating.  I have over 20-years experience in the taxation industry – 11 of them working for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in their Collections department – and the rest working in the private sector for large financial institutions responsible for tax reporting, the CRA, MRQ, IRS and with FATCA.

inTAXicating works because Canadian Taxpayers from coast-to-coast have to interact with the Canada Revenue Agency, and not all of those dealings are so straight-forward.  Actions taken by the CRA, can disrupt your life, cause penalties and interest, result in liens being issued, bank and wage garnishments and the government seizing your assets.

So when the CRA sends letters, freezes your bank account, takes a percentage of your wages, liens your property or starts snooping around your home or work, you need expert assistance because that is the just the beginning.  .

What makes inTAXicating so different from everyone else who wants to fix your tax problems, is that I bring actual CRA collections expertise to the table.  I began working in Collections at the CRA, and moved up, across, over and up again through their division with stops in Enforcement, Taxpayer Relief (then Fairness), Audit, Directors Liability, Training, Mentoring, GST, GST/HST, Payroll, Corporate Tax, Personal tax, and I spent 5 of those years as a Resource Officer (or Complex Case Officer).

As a result, I know what the CRA is going to do before they do.  I know their next steps.  I probably trained their collectors.  I know what the Act says, what policy is and what procedures are.

If you have a CRA problem, I have a CRA solution.

When dealing with governments, knowledge is power.

When you have a collections problem with the CRA, do you hire a graphic artist? No, you get a former senior collector who trained the staff who are causing the problem.

Visit our website, www.intaxicating.ca for more information about how to hire us.

Not from the Greater Toronto Area?  No need to worry at all.  It’s the “Canada” Revenue Agency, so the work we do can, and has been successful in every province and territory in Canada.

For those of you interested in a free consultation from outside the GTA, we have a toll free number, offer Skype calls and money can easily be transferred through email.

Email: info@intaxicating.ca.   You can also leave a comment with a blog post, on Facebook, or Twitter @intaxicating.

We can help, where no one else has been able to.

Thanks for dropping by!



11 thoughts on “About inTAXicating”

  1. I was sent a bill for 21,000 inc penalties & interest. This was after I late-filed 2011 & 2012.
    I was a so-called ‘self-employed’ courier in tjose years. That means I was driving my own vehicle,delivering items in Ottawa.
    I’ve been paying $500/ month since Oct/2014. Now, I cannot work. I either have cancer or herniated discs in my back. Either way, I cannot stand for much more than 2-3 minutes without severe debilitating pain.
    I tried going back to work. It just made things worse. I am seeing a Chiropractor who has 30 years with this. He believes I can heal.
    I don’t know. It hasn’t got any better. It feels like it will go on for ever. Even if I do get better, he says I could never go back to lifting boxes,etc for delivery.
    I wonder if I should pay this off with a low interest credit card or apply for relief first. I think I can hear you saying, “YES PAY IT”. Or is that just me saying that.


    1. Hi Gary,

      First I would recommend a review of your personal (T1) tax returns to see if you have captured every possible credit available to yourself, especially in light of this set-back which would make you able to apply for the Disability Tax Credit.

      I am not a big fan of the Taxpayer Relief Program because of the length of time it takes for a review to be completed (12-16 months) and how picky they are with the submissions.

      That being said, all of those can be done at any time but I highly recommend paying off the balance because the CRA has no issue sending you money back which belonged to you provided you apply for it back through the proper channels.

      Plus, it is always better to stop the interest clock.

      If that is not an option, you can provide the CRA collector with details of your situation plus proof and they should be willing to accept a very small payment arrangement. Taxpayer relief can also be used to stop interest from accruing as of a certain date if necessary, again, it takes time.

      Hope this helps.

      Wishing you good health and an end to your tax stresses.



  2. Hi Warren, I could pay the 16k balance with a 0% C.C. offer I have that’s good for 12 months. I just wonder if they close their minds to relief once they get “their” money.

    What means of comm do you prefer to discuss your services in more detail.




    1. Hi Gary,

      Paying a balance owing has no negative bearing on the outcome of a Taxpayer Relief submission. In fact, the CRA views payment as being favourable as it shows someone’s awareness that the balance owing should not be left to accrue interest.

      At this point in time, once you pay the balance you should do some reading up on the Taxpayer Relief Program via the CRA’s website to familiarize yourself with the programs’ requirements. Then if you would like to discuss having me review the submission, it would make sense.

      No need spending money for something straightforward that you can take care of, right?

      My email is worlans@intaxicating.ca. That’s the quickest method of communication. My direct number is 416.833.1581, but it might take be 24-48 hours to get back to you right now as a result of higher than normal call volumes.




  3. Morning Warren

    I am one of the hundred of Canadians that was scammed by Demara Consulting out of BC. The CRA has charged me of gross negligence with penalties in the excess of $220,000. I hired Barrett Tax Law over a year ago and finally in March they were notified by the CRA to advise their clients to withdraw appeals as we would all incur high court costs lose.

    My fines are not due to not filing my annual tax returns asI have been diligent over the last 39 filing my annual returns. What Demara used to refile my 2010 & 2011 was a process called the “Remedy” which they convinced everyone it was legal.

    Barrett Law has given me options:

    Theses area options:

    · Get money out of the home, pay the bill, apply for relief, and be reimbursed (hopefully) down the road;
    · Divest, pay the bill, apply for relief, and be reimbursed (hopefully) down the road;
    · Attempting a consumer proposal;
    · Continuing the appeal, paying down the debt as you see fit, withdrawing down the road, applying for relief, and dealing with collections from that point; or
    · Withdraw the appeal, apply for relief, and engage collections to get yourself on a payment plan to pay this over time (we provide such services on a yearly basis).

    I have investments which are over $200,000, which was my inheritance and we have a line of credit of approximately $143,000. We do not have a mortgage on our home, a balance of approximately $70,000 on the line of credit. I was layed off last year after workng for the same employer for 13 years. I will be 60 this year, so the chance of me acquiring decent employment is slim to none.

    What is your advise?


    Heather Ross


    1. Hi Heather, We too are victims of Demara Consulting. We had lost most of our life savings from a scam and had reported to CRA interest income/ business income that was actually a return of capital. We had submitted receipts for donations and took out loans to purchase RRSP’s that are apparent not RRSP’s according to CRA. Have you had any success in resolving this issue with CRA? Warren we would like to contact you via your email to discuss this with you if possible.


    2. Hello Heather , my name is Rommel my wife also was a victim of Demara .
      any luck or development in regards to this matter .We feel we are hanging in a cliff with no help from anybody, we need a direction to this matter please call me @ 6047215627
      Mr. Warren Orlans if you really want to help us the victim , you can also contact me .
      Thank You.


  4. So sorry to hear about this.
    IMO, it is unjust to target the victims of con artists. The company that scammed you & ANYONE who promoted it should be the ones that CRA goes after.


  5. And I completely agree with Gary, however, the CRA is known for going after the “low hanging fruit” or the easiest way to collect.

    As a result of your current financial situation, the CRA is likely to accept a long-term payment arrangement because of your apparent inability to pay, however this is not ideal for you because of the interest which will continue to accrue.

    Your options are;
    1) pay it
    2) consider a proposal or insolvency
    3) do nothing

    All have their pros and cons.

    Happy to discuss all three of these once we get a chance to connect later this week.



  6. I’ve been trying to negotiate with CRA Collections on behalf on my spouse since May. He has been paying monthly, a couple payments missed last year due to change in jobs and a change in my work life to disability, but continued thereafter to make payments. An employer garnishment has been applied even though payments are being made. In negotiations I have been open, honest and forthright about the situation. Things started out well I thought. Submitted financial statement only for the collections agent to slash parts of it and requirement my spouse to triple his payment to 900. a month. We can’t afford that. The agent took off 350. a month of my spouses budget for tobacco, and 50. a month for gifts and entertainment. Is this reasonable? They have told us to sell a car or our boat. We took one vehicle off the road in the fall to save more money. They have told us to claim bankruptcy. He husband isn’t willing to do that. He filed once already after a divorce where he lost everything including his business. He is 57 years old and we want to pay this off. Furthermore, the agent said they could put a lien on his assets (of which he has none), and secure the debt if payments are not made. We have been making payments!! My spouse has not run from this debt nor denied it. The debt is for penalties and interest the actual taxes are paid. Throughout the last 2 months I have continued to try and work with the agent. She now tells us that she has been asked to file a certificate? I asked her why now and who asked her. She hasn’t responded only to say its procedure. We have done everything she has asked including taking time off work to see about a loan for which we told her before taking time off that it would not be approved. We offered a lump sum of 2000. and 500. a month payments thereafter (the 2000. via a credit card). She said her Team Leader said no. We were paying 300. but started paying 400. in May when this all started. The employer decided not to garnish until just a week ago. The employer is also a huge problem for which I won’t get into now. My spouse is a long haul driver. With their budget he won’t even have money in case he needs it on the road. We have a telephone meeting with the Team Leader next week. I don’t expect it to go well as the agent constantly says “my Team Leader said”… What recourse do we have other then to run and hide and continue to pay what we can afford? The amount owing is 18000. A drop in the bucket compared to what other debts we have. The agent keeps changing what she says are procedures. In the beginning she said she could only talk to me for 1 week until the T1013 was on record. It still is not on record (she got a fax of it). She said on June 23 it would be the last time she would talk to me but we are still talking. 3 times this week.I feel we have been misled and that the treatment is punitive. I do plan to claim a serviced complaint and a reprisal complaint. We also plan to file for relief of some of the interest for the times that my spouse was out of work. Is there anything else we should be doing?


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